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Sumitomo: Type-25M


Sumitomo's TomCat splicers are the industry's first "full-featured" hand-held fiber splicers offering both the agility and the robustness required for FTTx, premise, and optical component assembly applications. Easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, these portable battery-operated splicers reduce training time for efficient deployments-making fusion splicing the choice for both optimum reliability and affordability.


Included in the "full-featured" distinction of the TomCat splicers are adjustable position monitors that allow the user to observe the fiber during the splicing process. Their front to back workflow makes the splicers ideal when limited fiber slack is available, in aerial taut-sheath applications, and for component testing.


The splicers' small footprints maximize workspace and enable precision splicing at a close proximity to the splice point for optimal flexibility. All TomCat units are optimized for both single-mode and multimode fibers and are manufactured with the same Sumitomo commitment to quality and reliability.


  • Dual Camera Splice Loss Estimation (Type-25S and Type-25M Models)

  • Compact, Lightweight (3.3lb) Design Simplifies Splicing in Confined Areas.

  • 30 Splices on a Single Battery

  • Two Bay Battery Charger

  • Automatic Arc Test Function

  • Mounting Holes for Securing the Splicer to a Workstation for Aerial, Pole, & Pedestal Applications

  • Fiber Holders Allow for Quick and Easy Fiber Placement

  • Automatic Splice in Less than 13 Seconds for SMF or MMF





    Sumitomo Fusion Splicers
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