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Sumitomo: Type-63 Fusion Splicer


The Type-63 sets a new standard for reduced size and weight, and is designed for complete portability. A newly developed fiber viewing system simultaneously focuses up to 12 fibers at a time and maintains equal size and resolution across all fibers for improved accuracy of splice loss estimations.

  • Simultaneous focuses on up to 12 fibers at a time with equal fiber resolution size providing improved accuracy and speed.

  • Performs 12 count fiber splices in under 42 seconds.

  • Fixed V-Groove alignment.

  • Low Power Consumption with a built in power management functions, gives you the ability to splice longer on battery operation.

  • Large 5.6" LCD Display provides a clear fiber image even in direct sunlight.

  • Heater Cycle Time(12C): 110 Seconds.

Alignment Method : Fixed V-Groove

Number of Fibers: 1 - 12

Typical Splice Loss, Identical FibersSMF:

MMF: 0.03dB
NZ-DSF: 0.07dB

Typical Splice Cycle Time 12 Fibers: 42 Seconds

Display: 5.6" LCD

Heater Cycle Time(12C): 110 Seconds

Video Output : RCA Jack

Data Communications: 9 Pin D-Sub Connector & RS-232C Power: 100-240V, 50-60hz



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