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Sumitomo: Type-41 Fusion Splicer



Battery Efficiency: Over 30 splices with heating cycles can be achieved per battery charging. The compact high-capacity nickel-hydrogen battery provides high-speed charging and easy installation and removal. Battery charges in 2 hours. A built-in two-stage power save mode is employed to conserve battery power for longer operation.
Wind Protection: Operate in winds as strong as 15 m/s
Modular Power Sources: Interchange power modules to adapt to your splicing environment.
Environmental Compensation: Arc power and position are automatically adjusted to optimum splice results using the Arc Test feature, which compensates for environmental condition electrode deterioration, and multi-vendor fiber types.
Low Maintenance: The mirror-less observation system increases reliability and eliminates the need for mirror cleaning or replacement which is common with previous generation splicers. Bi-directional fiber image observation is achieved using a dual CCD camera and LED system.
Splice Data Memory: Store up to 100 splices. Splice loss date can be recorded and stored in memory for later. Data can be transferred to a PC via a download cable.
Fiber type: Single-mode (SM), Multi-mode (MM), Dispersion shifted (DSF)
Splice loss: Average 0.05dB(SM),Average 0.03dB(MM),Average 0.07dB(DSF).
Fiber alignment: Fixed V-groove
Fiber diameter: 125um 3%
Cleave length: 16mm (9mm as option)
Splicing Functions: Splice loss estimation; Fiber offset; cleave angle; Tensile test function (Tension 200g); Built-in heater for thermal protection sleeve (up to 60 mm sleeves).




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