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Sumitomo: Sumitomo Type-65M12

The Type-65 sets a new standard for reduced size and weight, and is designed for complete portability. Battery operated, the splicer allows more than 20 splices per battery charge including heater operation. With 30 mph wind protection and a compact size, it can splice in any environment.

Utilizing precision v-groove alignment, the Type-65 can be used for all types of ribbon and single splicing with an optimum arrangement for ease of use in aerial and taut-sheath applications. A newly developed fiber viewing system simultaneously focuses up to 12 fibers at a time and maintains equal size and resolution across all fibers for improved accuracy of splice loss estimations. The high-speed, high-resolution image processing system automatically evaluates the fibers in two planes (X and Y-axis) for cleave end face quality, cleave length irregularity, and fiber offset to screen out the most likely causes in high loss splices. The Type-65 also has programmable power management functions for longer battery operation, a large color monitor, one of the fastest built-in fiber protection sleeve heaters available, and ultra-fast 30 second mass splicing!


  • Compact, Lightweight Design and Front to Back Work Flow System Simplifies Splicing in Confined Areas (i.e. Aerial, Taught-Sheath)

  • Simultaneous Focusing on Up to 12 Fibers at a Time

  • 5.6" Color LCD Display With On-Screen Guide and Brightness Control Eases Operation in a Field Environment

  • Lower Power Consumption with Built-In Power Management Allows 20+ Splices, Including Heater Operation, on a Charged Battery

  • Automatic Splice and Loss Estimation in 30 Seconds for 12 Count Ribbon Fiber




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