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Sumitomo: Type-45S Fusion Splicer

The Type-45S Micro-Single is an economical means for creating automatic, low-loss optical fiber fusion splices - offering superb splicing portability. The front-to-back workflow is ideal for splicing in confined areas such as aerial or taut-sheath applications.

The Type-45S typically requires less than 20 seconds to make an automatic fusion splice, and the average splice loss for identical single mode fibers is 0.05 decibels (dB).

The Type-45S is equipped with an on-board splice protection heater that is used to heat shrink a fiber protection sleeve over a completed splice. A 60mm fiber protection sleeve can be fully shrunk in less than 75 seconds.

  • Single Fiber Fixed V-groove Alignment Method

  • On-board Splice Protection Heater

  • 5.6" Color LCD Monitor

  • 30 mph Wind Protection

  • User Friendly Software With Help Features

  • Operation by AC Power or 12V Li-ion Battery

  • Tool-free Maintenance for Changing Electrodes




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