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Sumitomo: Type-37HSB Fusion Splicer

The Type-37HSB Micro-Core is one of the smallest and fastest core alignment fusion splicers available today for creating high- strength, low-loss splices. It's the most portable machine of its kind, weighing less than other typical machines in the industry.

Using a new fiber holder system, the Type-37HSB improves performance and helps to ensure a splice loss of less than 0.02dB for identical single-mode fibers. The monitor is located on the back of the Type-37HSB allowing for optimal work flow in a manufacturing environment. It is designed to work with virtually all fiber types including single-mode, multimode, dispersion shifted, and other specialty fibers.

The fusion operation requires 18 seconds or less. The splicer automatically aligns a pair of optical fibers in both the X and Y (horizontal and vertical) planes and then fuses them together with heat from an electric arc to form a low-loss splice. HDCM (High-resolution Direct Core Monitoring) image processing software in the splicer is used to perform core alignment and estimates the splice loss.

  • 18-second Average Splicing Cycle Time and <40-second Fiber Protection Sleeve Heater Cycle Time

  • Industry's Smallest Foot Print Size, 150 mm x 150 mm (5.9" x 5.9")

  • Fiber Holder System for Easy Operation and Splice Performance Repeatability

  • Optimum Layout for Factory Splicing Applications

  • Easy Menu Selection on a Large, High-Luminance 5.6" Color LCD

  • Tool Free Maintenance for Changing Electrodes




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