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Fluke OTDR

Multimode Package
Advanced Multimode Package
Multimode Certifying Package
SR Certifying Multimode Package
Pro Inspector Ll Multimode Unit
Mainframe and Battery
Singlemode + PM Module
Multimode OTDR Module
Multimode + PM Module
Multimode + PM Loss/Length Module
Singlemode Module
Singlemode + PM Loss Length Module






Fluke - Singlemode + PM Loss Length Module


This Singlemode OTDR + PM Module is intended for use with Fluke's OptiFiber series. The modules measure the insertion loss of singlemode fiber link using a separate far-end 1310/1550 nm source.

The OptiFiber SM OTDR + PM + Loss/Length Module certifies a SM link usinig the proven standards-based two fiber, dual wavelength DTX Fiber Module methodology



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