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Nettest - CMA4000i Optical Test System

The perfect tool for maintaining optical networks.
The NetTest CMA4000i Optical Test System provides the most complete test and measurement solution for the All-Optical Network. With its modular design, the instrument can be configured to meet the most demanding requirements for a variety of applications from fault location to testing Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems. The CMA4000i can be configured as an OTDR with a Visual Fault Locator, Optical Power Meter, and Light Source, or as a high resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) for DWDM systems. With its variety of functions, the CMA4000i clearly offers the best value for optical network commissioning, troubleshooting, restoration, and maintenance applications.


The all-in-one test system for qualifying optical networks:

  • Commissioning

  • Fault Location / Restoration

  • Maintenance

  • DWDM System Turn-up

Detailed Product Description.

The Industry Leader in Optical Performance.
High performance networks demand even higher performance test and measurement equipment -- and there's no better solution than NetTest's award winning test and measurement solutions. Our newest offering, the CMA4000i, continues the NetTest tradition of being the worldwide leader in optical test and measurement.

With 50 dB of dynamic range and deadzones as small as 3.0 m, the CMA4000i is ideal for testing long haul backbone networks, metro networks or Passive Optical Networks (PONs). For complete system characterization, the CMA4000i can be easily equipped with a light source and power meter for complete end-to-end loss testing. In addition, the Visual Fault Locator (VFL) option for the CMA4000i enables you to locate breaks within the OTDR's deadzone or identify specific optical fibers within a cable. The System offers a variety of operating modes for varying OTDR applications.

DWDM System Qualification For commissioning or maintaining networks that employ DWDM technology, the model 4792 OSA module for the CMA4000i is the ideal instrument. It allows the testing of DWDM networks deployed both today and in the future. Operating from 1520-1620 nm (C- and L-band), the model 4792 OSA module for the CMA4000i Optical Test System can automatically identify over 400 DWDM channels spaced less than 12.5 GHz apart -- perfect for testing high capacity DWDM systems.

Characterizing complex DWDM systems is simple with the CMA4000i. One-button operation ensures that even the novice user is capable of characterizing a complex DWDM system for channel center wavelength, power, and OSNR. Simply power on the unit with the OSA module installed and one of the following views will be displayed; Table View, Drift View, or Graph View.

"Now available, NetTest's latest development in next generation OTDR testing, the CMA4500. The CMA4500 combines the outstanding capabilities of NetTest's CMA4000 with its industry leading CMA5000 Multi-Layer Test Platform.


  • Highest Dynamic Range in the industry-50dB

  • OTDR, Loss Test Set and VFL in a single module

  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer module with 10 GHz

  • channel resolution

  • One-button testing


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