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Nettest - (Laser Precision) FF-1200

The Laser Precision FF-1200 single mode Feature Finder is portable and easy to use. The Feature Finder operates similar to an OTDR. By injecting pulses of light into a fiber and measuring the returned light, it is able to characterize the loss and features of a fiber optic cable. A feature, also called an event, occurs anywhere there is an abrupt change in the normal backscatter of light in an optical fiber. It may be caused by a fusion or mechanical splice, a macrobend, of the end of the fiber.

Three modes of operation are provided.

Fault Locate Mode: Locates reflective features plus reflective and non-reflective ends of fiber. Operates faster than Maintenance Mode. Often used to locate a break ot the end of a fiber. It is possible to display a traceof the fiber for further verifivation of results.
Maintenance Mode: Locates all features that are within the measurement conditions established durring SETUP. It is possible to display a trace of the fiber for further verification results.
Trace Mode: Displays a trace profile of the fiber under test.
The feature Finder performs an AyutoMode function to determine the best combination of range, resolution, and pulse width to use for testing the fiber that is connected to it. This is an automatic function unless parameters are set otherwise.

The feature Finder is normally powered from the internal batteries. When fully charged, eight hours of normal battery powered operation are provided. The AC Charger/Adapter can also supply power and at the same time recharge the batteries. Nothe that, with the charger connected, the batteries will be recharged even with the power switch in the OFF position. Switching from internal batteries to the AC Charger/Adapter will not interfere with the system operation.

Laser Precision FF-1200 Feature Finder
(2) FC to SC SM Fiber Patch Cable
(1) SC to SC Connector
(1) FC to FC Connector
(2) New Battery Packs
AC Adapter
Power Cord
Users Manual On CD
Hard Carrying Case





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