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Nettest - CMA40 FiberHawk2 Fault Locator

High-performance troubleshooting tool allowing effective fault location on fibers up to 140 km in length.
With a testing range of up to 140 km, FiberHawk2 is unmatched in value and performance by any fault location or maintenance tool on the market. Intuitive, fully automated, one-button operation allows for superior results with minimal training. Whether viewing the full OTDR trace and results in the field or saving data to the built-in floppy drive for later recall, the FiberHawk2 offers an affordable and efficient fiber optic testing solution.


  • OTDR trace viewing capability enables a highly versatile troubleshooting tool in a cost-effective package

  • Event analysis measures connectors, splices and faults quickly and easily

  • Dual-wavelength units discover areas of high macro-bending

  • One-button fault locate mode simplifies operation and reduces errors


  • Real-time and timed average testing modes

  • Multimode or single-mode models available

  • Visual Fault Locator option

  • 140 km distance range





Center Wavelength

1310 nm
20 nm
1550 nm
20 nm

850 nm
20 nm
1300 nm
20 nm

Fiber Type



Spectral Width (RMS)

<= 15 nm

<= 15 nm

Optical Dynamic Range (SNR=1)

30.0/28.0 dB typical

21.0/21.5 dB typical

Initial Reflective Deadzone

5/5 meters typical

4/4.5 meters typical

Initial Non-Reflective Deadzone

15/15 meters typical

8/11.5 meters typical

Distance Range

1310 nm: 85 km
1550 nm: 140 km

850 nm: 8 km
1300 nm: 40 km


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