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Fitel: S199M12 Ribbon Fiber Splicer

The S199S Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer offers the best splicing solution for aerial plants, premises data networking, and emergency restoration work. The small, compact size and internal battery allow for mobility while delivering 25-second splices at an average loss of 0.04dB for single mode fiber. Used in combination with Fitel's S323B Precision Cleaver (10mm cleave length) and stripping tools, the S199S is the perfect solution when it comes to quick and easy single fiber splicing.

  • 120x magnification

  • 150-splice memory

  • Slot-in battery

  • Large 5" color screen

  • Fast splice time (25 seconds)

Applicable Fibers
SM, MM, DSF, TrueWave, Leaf

Splice Performance
Loss for SM Fiber - 0.04dB


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