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Fitel: S182PM-H PM Fiber Splicer

Fitel Interconnectivity Corp. (FIC), a leader in fusion splicing technology, introduces a new Polarization Maintaining Fusion Splicer into its line of splicers. This new high strength model, the S182PM-H, is equipped with a fiber holder system which allows the user to conveniently transport fiber from the preparation tools to the splicer. Yielding an impressive typical extinction ratio of 32dB or higher and an average loss of .07dB for PM fiber, this machine is ideal for both production and R&D applications.

Operating time

  • Splice: 100s (typical for PM fiber excluding time for splice loss and extinction ratio estimation)

  • 20s (typical for similar conventional fiber splice)

  • Protection: 90s (typical for 60mm length sleeve)

Splice Performance
Average loss:
PM: 0.07dB
MM: 0.02dB
SM: 0.03dB
DS: 0.05dB


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