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Fitel: S182A High Strength Splicer

The S182A is specifically designed for splicing fiber of the same mode field diameter. The attenuation function of the S182A can also be automated with optional PC Remote control software. The unit's optimized design - with function keys and LCD monitor located behind the splicing area - provides you with uncluttered, efficient access to the splicing area for maximum productivity. The S182A does not touch the bare portion of the fiber, can accommodate 3 to 5 mm cleave lengths and when used with Fitel's High Strength Splicing Kits provides a high strength splice with an average tensile strength of 20N. The S182A can also be used for non-high strength applications.

  • 20-second splice and 90-second protection

  • Simultaneous X and Y view with separated view window for fiber and data on 5" color LCD.

  • Automatic magnification control.

Applicable Optical Fiber
S182A: SM/MM/DS/EDF etc. for splicing fiber of same mode field diameter
For detail of the fiber types please contact your sales representative.

Splice Performance
Average loss:
SM: 0.03dB
DS: 0.05dB
MM: 0.02dB

Tension test: 200g (0.4lbs)


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