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Agilent OTDR
Agilent E6000C Mini-OTDR

Agilent E6000A OTDR
Agilent E6000B OTDR
Agilent E6000C OTDR




Agilent E6000A mini OTDR

Pass/Fail Test
Fiber break locator mode
Automatic fiber characterizati
GR-196-CORE trace format
Context-sensitive on-line help
7.2" VGA-LCD Display,col & mono
Full Remote Control

Performance Characteristics of the E6000A

Form Factor


Fiber Type


Maximum Distance Range

400 km

Minimum Distance Resolution

0.625 cm

Maximum Distance Resolution

31.25 m

Maximum Dynamic Range

46 dB

Minimum Pulse Width

5 ns

Maximum Pulse Width

20 us

Connector type (main signal)

9-pin DIN,Diamond,FC,PC,ST

Programmability/Connectivity of the E6000A

User Interface


Ports to Peripheral Devices


Novram data storage


Data Storage Type


E6000A Compliance

CE Compliance

Not on file

UL Compliance

Not compliant

E6000A Power Requirements

Input Power

Universal (Auto Sense and Switch)

Battery Life

8 hrs

E6000A Physical Dimensions

  • Width: (N/A)

  • Height: 194 mm(7.63 in)

  • Length: 75 mm(2.95 in)

  • Weight: 2.8 kg(6.17 lb)

E6000A Standard Accessories

  • 1 /Users Guide /Qty:1

  • 2 /NiMH Battery pack /Qty:1

  • 3 /Power/Charger Adapter /Qty:1

  • 4 /Power cord(for charger/adapter) /Qty:1

  • 5 /Soft Carrying Case /Qty:1

  • 6 /RS232 Cable /Qty:1

  • 7 /CD-ROM software update /Qty:1

  • 8 /TraceViewer & PC Filetransfer Software /Qty:1


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